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What are 3D Scanning Aligners?

3D scanning aligners, which are also known as printed clear aligners, are made in-office for both orthodontic and whitening procedures. This technology enables us to develop your own custom-made aligners without needing to wait a week or longer for the aligner to come back in from a local lab. The aligner is made while you wait, allowing you to feel confident in your smile while preventing unnecessary wait times.

Why are 3D Scanning Aligners needed?

These 3D scanned aligners can be used for a variety of different dental procedures and treatments. For instance, we may need to make a set of aligners for you when undergoing orthodontic care. Likewise, we may need to make a set of aligners when you’re going to be going home with a whitening kit. These aligners are custom-made just for you so that they are completely comfortable.

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Who is a candidate for 3D Scanning Aligners?

Every one of our patients is a candidate for these scanned 3D aligners. We are able to produce the aligner for you while you wait in the office. You then go home with the exact type of treatment that you need. This prevents treatment of any kind from being prolonged or delayed.

What happens during the process for 3D Scanning Aligners?

We first take impressions of your teeth. These impressions are digitally rendered into our revolutionary 3D scanning machine. The machine creates a custom-made clear aligner just for you. This aligner is then fitted to ensure it is comfortable and secure. You will then continue with the treatment as needed. You may need future aligners made, which can be done using the same type of technology. This particular machine is used often in our practice as a way to provide our patients with an efficient and highly effective tool for the future of their dental health and overall well-being. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our 3D printed aligners.

If you think you might need or want these printed aligners, call our office to learn more about this technology.

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