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Digital Itero Scanner

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Because it provides immediate images, our dentists can diagnose dental issues much faster.

Utilizing the Latest Dental Technology

We are committed to providing our patients with gentle, quality dental care. One of the factors that allows us to provide exceptional care is our promise to staying up-to-date in the latest technological advances in dentistry so we can catch any early signs of dental disease before they get worse. At Silverlake Dental Group, we use iTero Intraoral Scanners that allow us to capture detailed, 3D dental images of your entire mouth.

How do iTero Intraoral Scanners Work?

These scanners have a wand that captures thousands of images per second in order to produce a full and accurate three dimensional model of your mouth, even including the back molars that can sometimes be difficult to see. Because it provides immediate images, our dentists can diagnose dental issues much faster.

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What Else Can Digital iTero Scanners Help With?

For patients that are thinking about Invisalign treatment, our iTero scanners allow us to get a full visualization of your mouth so we can more effectively create a treatment plan. We can also accurately simulate the outcome of your treatment plan. Because we receive immediate feedback and the images are clear and precise, aligners that are monitored using the iTero scanners are more effective and the Invisalign results are more successful.

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