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What are Night Guards?

A night guard is helpful when it comes to preventing the effects of bruxism. Bruxism, or tooth grinding, is a common dental condition that can wreak havoc on the health of your teeth. Oftentimes, people who grind their teeth aren’t even aware they’re doing it because it’s done while they sleep. Over time, tooth grinding can lead to fractures, cracks, broken restorations and TMJ-related pain.

Why are Night Guards needed?

A night guard is needed when you have bruxism, or nighttime grinding. We can often determine if you grind your teeth with a simple exam. Your teeth may look flat and some of them may be broken, chipped and cracked. It is important to receive treatment for bruxism because the condition can lead to many dental problems as well as extreme pain and sensitivity.

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Who is a candidate for Night Guards?

With an exam and series of x-rays, we can determine if you might need a night guard. Regardless of age, a night guard can be worn to keep your teeth protected. Some signs to look for when it comes to bruxism include:

• Flat-looking teeth
• Toothache and pain
• Sensitivity
• Cracks, breaks and fractures in the teeth
• Headaches, especially in the morning
• TMJ pain and stiffness
• Shifting of teeth
• Broken restorations and appliances

What happens during the Night Guard procedure?

We begin by taking impressions of your teeth. Once this is done, we’ll have a new night guard made just for you. You’ll come in for a fitting so that we can make sure the new night guard fits well. You will need to wear this night guard every night in order for it to be effective at what it does. The guard provides a cushion between the top and bottom teeth, preventing the effects of grinding. We can replace the guard any time it begins to show signs of wear or damage.

If you think you might benefit from a night guard, call our office today and we will be able to get you in for an appointment.

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