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Only with a dental visit can we determine if an extraction is necessary.

Tooth Extractions at Silverlake Dental Group

At Silverlake Dental Group, our primary focus is on preventative dental care because we want to keep your teeth and gums healthy in order to block any serious issues from occurring. When you come in for regular exams and cleanings, we can catch cavities early and treat them before the decay spreads. However, if a dental cavity or a cracked or damaged tooth is left untreated, it can lead to an infection that can only be stopped with a tooth extraction. Only with a dental visit can we determine if an extraction is necessary.

What to Expect During Your Tooth Extraction Procedure

During your tooth extraction procedure, your mouth will be numbed so you will feel as comfortable as possible. We will then use tools to loosen your tooth and pull it out of the socket. We will then clean the area and apply gauze. In some cases, dissolvable stitches may be used. If you have impacted teeth, you may need oral surgery to have them removed.

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Post-Procedure Care for a Tooth Extraction

After your tooth extraction procedure, avoid eating any hard foods that would require you to bite down. We also recommend avoiding using straws because the suction can cause the treated area to start bleeding again. Continue to brush and floss normally, but carefully avoid the treated area. Be sure to rest and drink plenty of water. You will also need to come into our office for a follow-up visit.

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If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, give us a call for a dental appointment. With a thorough exam, we can determine if an extraction is needed.

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