Silverlake Dental Group Insurance Plan

We are pleased to offer our patients exclusive membership benefits through our “SDG Dental Membership Plan”. Please note that only patients who have no dental insurance are eligible to participate in this program. The “SDG plan” offers patients a variety of included procedures plus discounts on additional treatments. Your membership has a one-time annual fee of $495 and you start seeing the savings the same day you sign up. There’s no waiting period, deductible, or annual limit/max. Please contact our office manager Daisy to learn more about the benefits of being a SDG member:

SDG Benefits included with Membership fee of $495

  • Two hygiene appointments per year including a comprehensive exam, prophylaxis cleanings, and checkup x-rays.
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions/ Nutritional Counseling
  • One Emergency Exam per year
  • 3D Diagnostic Digital Scan: if interested in clear aligners (ie. Invisalign) or for cosmetic dental veneers with a free consultation included.

Additionally, your SDG Membership includes

  • A 20% Savings on Diagnostic and Hygiene (on a 3rd or 4th Additional Cleaning/exam per year)
  • A 15% Savings on Restorative treatment (Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Onlays)
  • A 10% Savings on Dental Implants
  • A 10% Savings on Cosmetic (Veneers, Whitening, Invisalign)
Some restrictions may apply, please reach out to for details.