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How Do I Protect a Dental Filling? | Silver Lake Los Angeles Dentist

Dental fillings assist in restoring the functionality, form, as well as the aesthetics of decayed or damaged teeth. When one gets a tooth filled, they require to take extra care of it in both short and long term. By taking proper care of oral health, one can reduce the risk of more cavities and also avoid damage to their current fillings.

How Should I Care for my New Filling?

There are many kinds of dental fillings, and each of them takes different time fame to set. Being known of the setting time will provide one a general frame of time for which one must be careful and not impose any damage on the filling.

  • Amalgam, composite, and gold fillings take about one to two days to set.
  • Ceramic filling set instantly with the assistance of blue dental light.
  • Glass ionomers are set within three hours after filling, but it may take two days to feel hard.

A person can also take over-the-counter ache medication prior to the anesthetic wear off and continue the treatment until their sensitivity subsides. It will assist with any pain and swelling one might experience. A person who goes through with the tooth filling procedure needs to consult a dentist for taking ache relievers after their filling.

After the procedure, the filling would be sensitive for a couple of days. In that case, having beverages and foods that are extremely cold and hot can lead to pain and sensitivity, or it can also damage the filling. Similarly, avoid chewing hard, or sticky foods, such as granola bars, raw vegetables, and candies can also lead to a potential issue, including drawing out the filling.

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Does Brushing & Flossing Help With Fillings?

Flossing and brushing every day, after every meal can keep the health of one’s fillings, teeth and gums. A clean environment may assist one in order to avoid more fillings and unsightly stains.

  • Brushing and flossing after having a meal can put out stuck in the teeth if a person has food stuck in between their teeth can promote an environment that develops further cavities and also destroy current fillings.
  • Red wine, tea, coffee can stain one’s teeth and tooth filling as well. Furthermore, smoking and tobacco can also stain one’s fillings as well as teeth.
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Contact Silverlake Dental Group for Quality Dental Fillings in Los Angeles

If you are one of them that goes through with problems of tooth fillings, teeth, or mouth, then visit your dentist. It will help ensure that they are or aren’t basic problems and may prevent more damage to the teeth. Take a look at the following signs and visit your dentist if you’re suffering any of them:

  • Sensitivity in the restored teeth or tooth.
  • Cracks in the fillings.
  • Discolored fillings and teeth.
  • Chipped or missing off fillings.

In the case, if you find the filling is shaky and leakage occurring at the margins while drinking something then you have to visit your dentist immediately. 

If you’re looking for a quality dentist in Los Angeles, look no further than Dr. Josh at Silverlake Dental Group! Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation!

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