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Do you know dental floss? The care of your teeth starts with a good brushing of the teeth twice a day. But the toothbrush does not reach the 5 faces of the tooth, and the plate can be installed without forgetting the food stuck between the teeth. There are solutions for impeccable dental hygiene. Indeed, dental floss is one of them. 

The subject is debated in France because the health authorities have never praised its merits. Let’s take a look at the famous dental floss.


Dentist 90039

The advantages and disadvantages 

Plaque builds up in the inter-dental spaces and causes problems that affect the teeth. 

The thread is needed for many people who do not support the presence of pie teeth, but is this really the right solution? 


-It is a good complement to toothbrushing

-The appearance of dental plaque is reduced 

-The cost is low

-It is a good alternative to interdental crossettes 


-Do not use if your gums are bleeding 

-Not advised for people who have undergone teeth interventions 

-The use can be complicated at the beginning 

If you do not have a dental spray or interdental brushes, the wire for the teeth can be a plus.

How to use it? 

Indeed, dental floss is not easy to use, and we must acquire the technique if we do not want to hurt our gums. 

Start by wrapping the two ends around each middle finger, and stretch the thread with your thumbs and indexes, then unroll the thread as you go. Finally, rinse the log with water.

It remains important to make relatively gentle movements so as not to hurt your gums. 

H2 Choosing your floss 

There are several types, the nylon one and the PTFE one,   the nylon thread is waxed and not waxed. The wax facilitates the passage between the teeth finally. 

PTFE wire is more expensive, but it slides more easily between the teeth. 

Each wire can be anti-bacterial, whiteness, or ultra-soft. 

Can we use it on children? 

It is not recommended for children. Beyond eight years, the child has a good manual grip to use without injury. 

  • The thread for the teeth is not the most important accessory to have healthy teeth, but it participates. It reduces plaque and dislodges food debris. It reduces plaque and dislodges food debris. 
  • If your budget is larger, prefer the dental spray. 
  • The most important thing is to use the thread properly, so you do not get hurt. 

Finally, used correctly once a day, it can reduce plaque.